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Aveeno on Prescription

Re: Aveeno on Prescription

Postby yashdra » Sat May 16, 2009 10:42 pm

May I know the ingredients used in the Aveeno Bar moisturising soap please? I am alergic to nuts so would shea butter help for the sensitive skin? Are there any chemical ingredients or non-vegetable oils added?

Re: Aveeno on Prescription

Postby rooma » Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:51 pm

my son has started eczema when he was just 4 week old.after struggling of 4 months dermatalogist took blood test and she said he is allergic to cow milk and egg.iam b.feeding.now iam on milk ang egg free diet.he is very very better than before.iam worry about his head because some time water comes out of his head.dermatalogist said his head is infected,she gave antibiotic syrup.hope very soon he will be fine.

Re: Aveeno on Prescription

Postby glenda » Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:15 pm

Hello, help please.... I have a 5month old daughter and she's been suffering from eczema since she was 2 months old. I first tried parafin and eumovate but didn't work. My GP gave her diprobase, but she did not improve, our chemist advised us to apply dermol 500 as soap substitute and lotion but her skin started to crack, bleed and peel off.One of my friend's colleague mentioned about aveeno, to be honest, I'm soo anxious to try new cream now but of course will do everything to ease my daughter's suffering. I will go to my GP tom and will ask him to prescribe it but knowing my GP, he will either refuse or will ask me what type of aveeno? Any advice? Also, she had a swab last week and came back infected with staph aureus so she's on fluclox. Her milk has been changed 2x, from aptamil to sma soya, and now she's on neocate. I'm still using dermol with no joy, please help, I really need advice because Im so frustrated now!

Many thanks

Re: Aveeno on Prescription

Postby clearing up » Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:53 am


Aveeno skin relief is the best Aveeno moisturizer. I'd recommend Simple Derma cream as well, I think its a good idea to switch between the two so they stay effective. Also badger balm from boots for about £5 per little pot is excellent, smooth it over the driest parts after you have moisturized.

Maybe try and keep the baby as calm as possible, maybe look into calming music, it will help with itch and sleeping, because meditating is helping me but Im not sure how you could make a 5 month old meditate!

I also take piriton and echinacea but I dont know if these are suitable for babies (probably not).

Good luck, I hope your baby is better soon.
clearing up

Re: Aveeno on Prescription

Postby glenda » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:24 pm

thanks clearing up for the info and advise. I am so happy to inform you that my daughter's skin has improve so much since we change her milk and since she use Aveeno baby soothing relief moisture cream and bath cream. Elicon cream also helps for flare ups. Her skin looks and feels like a baby again! I don't have to apply emolient 6-8 x/day like I used to, 2x a day using Aveeno is sufficient enough to keep her skin soft and moisture.
Thanks again.

Re: Aveeno on Prescription

Postby loulou » Mon Feb 08, 2010 7:20 pm

My baby girl is 4 mths old and been suffering from eczema for the last 6weeks. Her main problem is he dryness as it is not too itchy and I've use the steroid cream sparingly when necessary to settle the inflammation. She is now on a hydrolyzed protein milk-the only way to determine if it is a milk protein allergy as babies can also be allergic to soya protein. My health visitor has recommended Aveeno cream so I am awaiting the prescription and keen to see if it helps as nothing so far has improved the dryness. Will write again once she has had a week or so of it.

Re: Aveeno on Prescription

Postby Annie » Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:56 pm

Hi, I'm really desperate for some help and advice on eczema routines (i.e. creaming. bathin etc) and what creams I should get.

I have an 8 month old baby boy with eczema on his chest, sholders and back. It's only appeared since I've reduced breastfeeding,started him on solids and he's started teething, . The hospital has prescribed diprobase cream 4 x a day and oilatum bath and emoliant cream as a soap subsitute. We've being following this routine for 2 motnhs and his skin is just getting worse and the lesions bigger. He was also prescribed a low strength steriod cream that has done nothing.

The hospital have now recommended upping the strength of the steroid cream for 2 weeks and if that doesnt work to switch him to hydrolized milk to see if it is a dairy allergy. They refused to change the creams he was on.

We're back with GP tomorrow to get the new steroid cream prescription, but I would like to try the aveeno creams - what should I be asking for? I looked in boots and was so confused by the daily moisturiser, the moisturiser with shea, the Aveeno cream, the bath products -the oil bath wash etc - what should I be getting and is there a special aveeno range for babies with eczema? and if so where do I get it? I bought the Aveeno 24 hr daily moisuriser and this made him itch (he normally only scratches it when its wet or exposed to the air) so I'm not sure that was the right one.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Neither I nor my hubby suffer from eczema or allergies and I just dont have any experience in dealing with this. Also how frequently should I be bathing him, should I let his skin soak in the water, should I cream him as soon as we take him out of the bath?? I really don't know and my health visitor tells me to ask the GP and the GP says ask the HV....aghhhh....

Sorry for the long message


Re: Aveeno on Prescription

Postby Terry J S » Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:11 pm

Annie, i would recommend the Aveeno bath emollient and moisturiser. I use, and i quote 'Aveeno lotion with colloidial oatmeal'. For the bath, put in a generous handful and swish about. It should make the water virtually opsque, milky in colouring.

Soak him in it for about 15 minutes, the rub your hands over his body make sure that it is moist and soft. Then take him out and pat down gently with a towel. Try not to rub. When he is dry, put any steroids you might have over the infected areas only, if him has any scabs for parts of his skin has cracked. Then be generous with the moisturiser. Do this as many times as you like during the day, and the eczema should get better in a few weeks. With me, i cause no stinging other than when it got really bad.

IF this doesn't work, ask your doctor about substituting the aveeno for Dermol 600. Ive recently switched to it, and it seems far better. Although i have been using the aveeno for 5 years.

Good luck.
Terry J S

Re: Aveeno on Prescription

Postby Sara x » Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:26 pm

ANNIE - i really feel for you, I am 28 and have had eczema all my life. I have an 8 month old baby I am lucky he doesnt have it - but I can understand how awful this must be especially for a baby. I have a strict daily ritual - I bathe in Aveeno bath and shower oil, a warm bath and just once a day, then I use the Aveeno lotion the green bottle all over my body but use the Aveeno with shea the blue one on my face.. I put the creams on straight after drying when my skin is warm and damp as it absorbs in better and keep reapplying it a few times before i go to bed.. Also with steroid creams, I apply them only to affected area but dont put the Aveeno or any type of moisturiser on top for a good hour, so it sinks in.. then i apply the moisturiser over.. This is the only thing that has worked for me and i have spent years and years and an absoloutle fortune testing products and eczema 'miracle creams' on the net.. Aveeno has been the first product range thats worked and it really works me! Im sure they would be fine on babies but it is worth checkin with the GP, but if they prescribe steroid creams for babies delicate skin i would say a moisturiser is no problem! Good luck i hope you find something that helps x x
Sara x

Re: Aveeno on Prescription

Postby Sara x » Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:33 pm

For those asking where you can buy Aveeno products i found a website called soft-skin.co.uk who sell it and thats where ive been buying from.. Also they may be able to tell you or find out which products are suitable for babes?!?! Good luck! x
Sara x


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