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6 year old son with eczema on his face - need help

6 year old son with eczema on his face - need help

Postby Caroline » Sun Jan 06, 2008 10:04 pm


My 6 year old son has had eczema for a number of years now it is always there but flares up at certain times of the year. He currently has it around his eyes and mouth. He also wears glasses. The area around his eyes where the glasses touch (the side of his nose) is very sore and has started to bleed in some areas. Does anyone have any information on creams I could try bearing in mind he said that E45 stings/burns him. Many thanks for your help x

Re: 6 year old son with eczema on his face - need help

Postby nca » Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:58 am

My daughter said her glasses irritated her skin, we changed to plastic glasses as she was allergic to metal ones.

Re: 6 year old son with eczema on his face - need help

Postby Helen » Mon Jan 14, 2008 10:09 pm

Have you ever tried protopic? It's a different sort of cream (not a steroid) and can be used for a few days then stopped when the skin is clear. The only problem is when you stop using it and something triggers the eczema e.g. food it comes back and you end up in a bit of a cycle. It is amazing the difference it makes though and you can get a lower dosage cream for kids. Read up on it first - there are some associated side effects.


Re: 6 year old son with eczema on his face - need help

Postby Debby » Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:07 pm

Hi my daughter said that her hand itches and irritates because of the sun but then i searched online for a cream and so a cream called AVEENO that we brought online and by giving that to her my daughter hands had got rid of eczema but only a little left but if you keep putting it on it HELPS!

Re: 6 year old son with eczema on his face - need help

Postby Raihan » Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:16 pm

Eczema is a common eopblrm of infancy and many mother have spent many anguished moments dealing with itching, squirming, unhappy infants with abnormal skin. The eopblrm often appears on the face as patches of reddish, scaling skin. As eczema worsens, the skin becomes more itchy, red, thickened, and grooved, and may blister, weep, and crack. The typical distribution of eczema is on the face, behind the ears, on the fronts of the elbows, the backs of the knees, the hands, neck, and trunk. Nocturnal restless, irritability and crying are prominent. When the child begins to crawl, the exposed areas especially the extensor aspects of knees are affected. Diaper rash is a common association and may be severe. The eczematous infant has food allergy until proven otherwise. If formula-fed, then the formula is to blame and needs to be changed. Cow's milk is a common cause and switching to soya based formulas may help.If the infant is breast fed, then mothers diet contains the eopblrm food and need to be changed. A decision has to be made based on the severity of the infant's conditions. If the eczema is mild and the infant is otherwise health and happy, the best decision will be to use steroid cream sparingly to control the skin eruption and monitor the child carefully for further symptoms.If the eczema is more severe, especially if other health eopblrms are associated, then mother should consider doing the Alpha Nutrition Program herself. She retreats to Phase 1 foods for 10 days or longer until her breast-fed infant settles and the skin begins to heal. It takes several weeks for the skin to heal completely and unfortunately, if mother indulges in small treats the infants skin may react strongly and postpone healing for more weeks. When is is time to introduce solid foods to the infant, the phase 1 list of Alpha Nutrition foods serves as the guide to first foods. If the infant does well with mother eating phase 1 foods we are more optimistic that these foods will be well-tolerated when they are fed to the infant directly.

Re: 6 year old son with eczema on his face - need help

Postby Herman » Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:44 am

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Re: 6 year old son with eczema on his face - need help

Postby kalystos » Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:41 am

Caroline, please email me @ jo@kalystos.co.uk and I will send you a free test sample that will help your son, I am distributing a new range Called OLIVEALL, PH balanced, Hypoallergy certified and it really works , thanks
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