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Aveeno lotion or cream manufatured by Johnso&johnson india

Aveeno lotion or cream manufatured by Johnso&johnson india

Postby sbmanian » Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:06 pm

retailers name in tamil nadu near thanjavur or pondy

Re: Aveeno lotion or cream manufatured by Johnso&johnson india

Postby sbmanian » Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:11 pm

wish to know the names of the retailers of
aveeno lotion in Tamilnadu near the cites Thanjavur or Pondy product being manufactured by Johnson&Johnson India

Re: Aveeno lotion or cream manufatured by Johnso&johnson india

Postby Paulina » Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:22 am

Some of the hypothesis being teestd in this note include:1.Quality of manpower as defined by an MBBS degree is less important in a primary care setting and may even be a hindrance in the delivery of routine protocolised care in the primary care setting – they are very quickly bored with the routine and are not comfortable following strict protocols for treatment.2.The development of clearly defined protocols for the treatment of routine illnesses and the training of personnel (ideally nurses or AYUSH providers – both of whom have some basic training in medicine but may be more comfortable with following protocols and not get bored with routine) on these protocols maybe the most important step. The ICTPH has developed these protocols and will be sharing them online soon.3.Development of supportive tools such as an EHR which allows primary care providers to record each and every interaction with the patient can help with integration with higher levels of care as well in auditing the quality of care being provided to the patient – in finance we have been able to successfully train even 10th standard pass people operating in very remote geographies of rural Uttarakhand to do this successfully. The ICTPH team has indeed developed such an EHR as a public good for general use.4.Development of SOAP or other standard practice protocols for screening (i.e., every patient gets a routine check on temperature, BP, BMI and Waist-Hip Circumference, for example; every female visitor gets a VIA exam for cervical cancer) maybe very important for early diagnosis and management of chronic illnesses. The ICTPH team has developed these protocols and will be putting them online soon. 5.Development of a integrated package of primary care interventions (including for iron-deficiency, IMCI, CVD, vision, hearing loss and Cancer) which are a part of the standard work of the primary health care system would be essential as well. The ICTPH team is in the process of taking each disease specific or condition specific intervention and integrating it into something that a well-trained lay health worker would be able to implement under the supervision of a well trained nurse. 6.Bringing basic diagnostic equipment close to the population may be a very important step forward in improving the quality and timeliness of care being provided in primary care settings. The machines of today are much-much cheaper that they were earlier and are much more automated so require far less training to use correctly. Once again the hypothesis being researched is that a Nurse will be ideally placed to managed these primary care centres entirely on his / her own.

Re: Aveeno lotion or cream manufatured by Johnso&johnson india

Postby Alta » Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:23 pm

Thanks, Pojo :-). As you know, we practice ethaicl couponing here at Simply CVS and encourage it. Since CVS changed the system to include these I saw nothing wrong with purchasing them and accepting the extra bucks they gave me. And for those who purchased them earlier in the week they were following the sizes that CVS advertised so, they too, were "following the rules."

Re: Aveeno lotion or cream manufatured by Johnso&johnson india

Postby Resul » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:53 am

The hardest thing to get them to do is not scatcrh.But since you have gone to the doctor and gotten the oral and lotion you are doing the best thing. The oral stuff will help some with the itch.My husband gets it all the time and we now just call the doctor and he will calll the pharmacy.Good luck.References :

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