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New Protopic user

New Protopic user

Postby Mark S » Mon Nov 11, 2002 2:55 pm

Hi all,

I have had eczema all my life (now 31) and am from East Anglia.

Over the years of visits to many different hospitals and many creams I started using Protopic last Monday (0.1% on body and 0.03% on my face only at nights and also started doing it on mornings as well from today for the next couple of weeks.

Even after the first couple of days there was a significant improvement in my eczema and after a week it has virtually cleared up!!!!

When I first heard of Protopic a number of months back I went to my GP – she said it was too expensive and referred me to the hospital. I eventually got my appointment (after around 6 months of waiting) and he prescribed Protopic for me straight away with no problems.

I’ve just ordered a repeat prescription from my GP – after persuading she said that I should stop using the 0.1% totally on my body and use the 0.03% all over – does anybody know if this is correct and if 0.03% will work as well on the worse areas (arms and backs of legs etc)? Or do you think it maybe that the 0.03% is cheaper than the 0.01% Protopic?

Also I did get a slight burning sensation a couple of hours after applying the ointment but over the last few days this seems to have died. I think this may have been as I only applied it before going to bed and I did not notice it, as the only time I really noticed it was when I put it on one night before I went out.

Also is there any more information on the Protopic pill people were talking about a while back in the forum?

Good luck everybody – I know it’s hard, but don’t let the eczema get you down.

Mark S

Re: New Protopic user

Postby kate » Sat Jan 11, 2003 7:44 pm

Hi i've been using protopic 0.03% on my face for about a month. I had a really bad flare up particularly around my eyes and down the sides of my cheeks. After 1 week applying morning and night the protopic had got rid of most of it and the redness was going too. I also found that after applying my face felt like it was burning and it was really itchy for a couple of hours. I now take anti drowsy antihistamines to stop this which i have found works well and also stops the general eczema itch (its moved from my face to my neck and arms now!). I have found that the inside of my eyes is really itchy and watery now - don't know if this is connected to protopic, anyone else found this? My skin still feels slightly 'on the edge' but i think protopic is great. Has anyone else got any experiences of protopic?

Re: New Protopic user

Postby john k » Thu Feb 06, 2003 5:02 pm

Hi guys,

I too have been using protopic recently and have seen incredible results, however it has now caused a side effect "eczema herpoctecum". this is awful and has caused cold sores all over my face. it's really awful and ive even been removed from position working with customers at work. Please please be careful when you are using it!
john k

Re: New Protopic user

Postby Lisa & David » Sun Feb 16, 2003 9:25 pm

Our son is only 8 months old and has recently been prescribed Protopic 0.03% by his dermatologist. However, since reading the literature which comes with the ointment we are concerned that there is no experience/research on using this ointment on children under 2 years old. We have decided for the moment not to start using the cream, although he has just had a bad flare-up on his face, until we can find out a bit more about this new cream. Does anyone have any experience of using Protopic on children under 2 years old ? Thanks.
Lisa & David

Re: New Protopic user

Postby Anonymous » Tue Apr 01, 2003 8:57 pm

I have a 18month old son, and I have been using Protopic all over his body and face for the last 6 months. His eczema began when he was just 8 weeks old, and after many cortisone/steriod products, none of which had any effect at all, my dermatologist finally perscibed the protopic. It was a miracle! My sons face was covered and was, very sore, weeping,etc, but after about 3 days it had completely gone. He has had no side effects at all. I have to still use it on a very regular basis, but still no side effects. I also use wet wraps on his body with a thick emollient (epaderm ointment) on the nights that I do not use the protopic to keep the skin soft and smooth to try and help the itching and give him (& me) a better nights sleep. I too also read the literature that came with the ointment, and was slightly concerned and first, but trusted my dermatolist and I'm glad that I did!
My son is now so much happier now.
Hope you have some good results soon.

Re: New Protopic user

Postby Judy » Wed Apr 23, 2003 6:44 am

I have eczema on my eyelids, neck, chin, inner elbows, back of the knees, thighs and even around the breasts and nipple areas. I have used Protopic for over a year now and it is an amazing product. Yes, it does burn and itch like crazy when you apply it at first, but again, continue using it... When I initially applied it onto my skin twice daily for 5 days straight, the redness and itching ceased. The longer you use it on a continuous basis, the more healed your skin will be. My problem is that after a week or two of constant use I stop using it because the outbreaks do not come back after I use the product. My skin will look great for the next week or two weeks. But as always, eczema comes back, the redness begins again and I know that I will have to start using the cream again... I should try and at least use it everyday at least one application daily because you SHOULD use it daily... I think I will begin to work up a daily regiment... I guess it is annoying because the product feels all sticky but it is better than feeling itchy constantly right? Don't do what I do because I'm stubborn. Anyhow, I was just saying that because of these start and stops, I have to deal with the super burns and super itchiness once I re-apply it to a fresh breakout of eczema. (I guess this is what I get for letting it come back again). But yes it will burn and sting in the beginning, but after 4 or 5 days, that will cease and you will see an improvement in your skin. Oh and to the previous post, yes if you apply the ointment to your eyelids, you do feel a burning feeling that seems to come from "inside" your eyes and you may automatically "tear-up"... I think this is what happens when you apply the cream for the first time... It will go away in a few days. Just make sure that if you apply near the eye, you should gently wipe the excess ointment from the edge of your eyelids so it won't go in your eye. Okay everybody, good luck and stay strong.

Re: New Protopic user

Postby Judy » Thu Apr 24, 2003 11:18 pm

I having been using Protopic for four months and have had little success with it. I developed eczema a little over a year ago. I am sixty years old. I also take dapsone pills twice a day. My dermatologist tells me to be patient but I am afraid this is not the correct medication for me. Since starting on this medication the eczema has spread all over my arms and thighs.

Re: New Protopic user

Postby Melanie » Sun May 25, 2003 3:21 pm

My daughter thinks Protopic is a miracle cream!! Her eczema was really bad, particularly on her face and at 14 she found it hard to deal with. She'd tried loads of other treatments, both medical and complementary, but nothing really worked. However, after only 3 days of protopic, her skin looked normal, no sign of the eczema at all. She luckily did not experience any of the burning she was warned about. I'm sorry it hasn't worked for everyone, but I would encourage people to give it a go.

Re: New Protopic user

Postby hails » Sun Jun 15, 2003 10:53 pm

3 year old daughter been having protopic daily for last year now, has ecz' all over body. somedays she's clear,next its all over again.no pattern to it but we carry on, its worth it for that one good day!I was wondering how others are getting on with not exposing skin to the sun.as its been nice.My daughter has always worn trousers(mainly jeans to stop her scratching) and long sleeved cotton tops.but she now knows she is different to other girls who wear pretty t shirts and summer dresses etc.do i let her be the same as her friends, maybe risk whatever damage protopic will do in sunlight . or put a t shirt on her and apply sunblock which will irratate or leave off sunblock and hope sun clears it up or keep the long tops on,so she gets hot,and itchy and sratches till bleeding?? it is a choice of evils .which would you do.please help, oh roll on winter when we can blame the cold,damp and the heating.lol :O)

Re: New Protopic user

Postby FENNIE » Mon Jan 05, 2004 2:23 pm

I apply Protopic 0.03% on my 4-year old daughter for about two weeks. Her skin is improved although not totally clear up. I want to know when should I stop applying Protopic? I am so frightened that her eczema will come back soon? I am told that we should apply Protopic on the healthy skin at least one week (someone even said three months). How should I stop applying Protopic? Maybe apply once daily only? Maybe apply twice per few days?


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