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New Protopic user

Re: New Protopic user

Postby Penny S » Sat Jan 10, 2004 10:32 pm

We've used protopic 0.03 % on our 2 year old son for the last 4 months all over his body morning and night, his skin kept really good. Then we got worried as the insert says only use continuously for 1 month. We stopped using it for 3 days and he's one big red blotchy itchy boy again. What is the correct way of using protopic ? Can it be used long term ?
Any other experiences would help.
Penny S

Re: New Protopic user

Postby punky » Sat Mar 20, 2004 11:39 am

Im having a similar problem with the continuous use of protopic. I have seborrheic dermatitis of the face which P. does clear up 95% in about 4-6 days of use. However im not sure what 2 do after that! Continue using forever? I tried stopping an switching 2 an emollient but the type of eczema i have seems 2 be accelerated by moisture. Im currently having a flare cos of this and i plan 2 use protopic til the X succumbs then lay off it and emollients and see how long it takes 2 return (it took 2 days only when i stopped protopic and went onto emollient only). The package instructions aren't too clear on how 2 use it and the dermatologist's help ended at writing a prescription. Any1 with seb. dermatitis or who wants 2 get in touch leave me a message and mail me.

Re: New Protopic user

Postby jacqles » Sat Mar 27, 2004 8:16 pm

Protopic on genitals....I was prescribed protopic almost 2 weeks ago for my vaginal probles, I get so sore and raw, and recurring yeast infections. I have put in on the outside and a little on the inside has anyone used this for this area...it is a very sensitive area...thanks for any reply

Re: New Protopic user

Postby Becca » Mon Mar 29, 2004 9:49 pm

Hi Everyone. I just wanted to let anyone who is having problems using protopic in the beginning to keep on using it no matter how itchy or burning your skin gets. I had intensly itch and burning of the skin for the first two and a half weeks that I started protopic and I kept on with it, now it works like a dream. When I was going through the first two weeks I had a routine that seemed to help a bit. I would take an Aveeno oatmeal and Aveeno bath oil bath everynight and sometimes during the day too,then right after I get out of the tub I put Cetaphil lotion all over and then my protopic over that. I found all of these things to be very helpful to me. Just thought I would share this and I hope it will be of use to someone out there...Hang in there!

Re: New Protopic user

Postby Barrett32 » Wed May 12, 2004 4:04 pm

I have suffered from eczema my entire life, but only recently (in the last 3 years) have I been dealing with intense problems on my face. It has been horrible since I'm in a job where I'm often doing public speaking and training and spend a lot of time in front of people. Out of desperation, I began using steroid creams on my face and all was well until recently when I was diagnosed with steroid-induced rosacea and had what appeared to be severe adult acne. My dermatologist told me I had to immediately cease use of any steroid creams on my face and go through a withdrawal period where my face would get much worse before it got better. It definitely got much worse than I ever thought it could get with my face covered in red oozing sores and itching and burning. I went back to beg for some relief and she gave me Protopic. I put it on the first night and while suffering through the intense pain and itching, I came to this site for support. I wanted to take it off my face and stick my face in a bucket of ice water, but I kept it on and tried to sleep hoping something good would come of it. I was pleasantly surprised to find the following morning brought some significant improvement in my skin(amazingly overnight)! I dreaded putting the Protopic on again the next day fearing the intense pain and even armed myself with an antihistamine and ibuprofen an hour before, but the second time, it was not so bad (but maybe it was because I was better prepared). But, now it is tolerable and my skin looks better all the time. I'm only a few days into my recovery period, but I am thankful for Protopic because I don't ever want to use steroids on my face again.

Good luck to all of you.

Re: New Protopic user

Postby BURNS!!! » Wed Sep 01, 2004 5:06 pm

I am 28 and have eczema on my face, eyelids, forehead, above my lip, chronically. I've used a number of steriod products which seems to work for a bit and my skin clears up for a few days, looks great, then flares up all over again. It is very itchy, red, and then all flakes off. I used protopic 1 year ago for one appication and I HATED it!!!! It made my eyelids even more itchy, very intense and burned like hell. I decided to use it again last night and give it a second try. Again, my eyelids, forehead, wherever I applied it BURNED AND ITCHED LIKE HELL!!! I wish I NEVER applied it!!!!!!!!!!! And you can't even wash it off because it is an ointment and is greasy. I tried to wash it off and applied a cold cloth. I ended up with scratches and more eczema around my eyes and eyew brows and nose beacuse it was soo damn itchy!!! If I keep using it for a bit longer as suggested, and then it gets better and comes back and I have to apply Protopic again from the beginning and go through what I did all over again, I would never do it! I will Never again use Protopic on my face!!!!!!!!!!

Re: New Protopic user

Postby ruth » Mon Sep 06, 2004 12:22 pm

Hi BURNS!!!!!! - you are definitely right about protopic - it can burn and sting like hell - we had the same problem with it. we found that if we diluted the concentration down by half using petroleum jelly i.e. vaseline before applying it - it didn't seem to have as much as a kick to it. you don't actually lose the potency of the medication - it still does the same job - but there just isn't quite as much there in concentration so the effect may be somewhat reduced. if it is still stinging - cut it down even further - just to get you going. when your skin starts healing up a bit you can look at decreasing the amount of vaseline that you add until hopefully your skin will adjust and can use it as is. there are also two strengths with protopic too - 0.03 and 0.1%. just wonder whether the lower dose might not hurt quite as much - the 0.03 % is recommended even for infants - but see how you go. try doing this before you abandon the whole thing completely - unfortunately a lot of people find it really irritating to start off with - as this bulletin board will show - but often if you can persist with it many people have good results. play around with it a bit and see how you go. just do a small patch test first before you apply a large amount first in case it is too irritating. ironic isn't it that these meds which are meant to help your skin can irritate the hell out of it to begin with!. let me know how you get on - will be interested to hear - just don't want you missing out on potentially a good thing here

Re: New Protopic user

Postby Willow » Mon Nov 07, 2005 3:18 pm

Hello everyone,

I am from Poland and I've been suffering from asthma and eczema since I was a kid. Lately my doc prescribed me PROTOPIC 0,1% which is quite a brand new medicine which is followed by a very high price. It costs pln 250 (USD1=3,40pln), and it is really hard for me to spend such amount for a new medicine, which I have never used before. Can you tell me how that works? I know everyone reacts differently, but I would like to get some hints and opinions. My skin is in a terribly bad condition nowadays and I don't stop scratching ...

Re: New Protopic user

Postby lydia » Tue Nov 08, 2005 5:25 am

I used it like how I would have used the topical creams, but with less worries over the side-effects like how I would with those steroid-based creams. It is also very expensive for us. It's probably because it's still a relatively new product.
For some, the cream/ ointment might sting a little in the first few applications. It wasn't stinging for me, though. It works pretty fast, just like the topical creams. However, it is advisable to stay out of the sun when using it.
There was a cancer scare a few months back by the FDA based on experiment carried out on mice. My dermatologist say that the risk might only be for young children/ infant who used a big amount over a long period of time.
Another advantage of the Protopic is that the remission period is longer than when topical creams were used.
Hope this helps!

Re: New Protopic user

Postby Alex » Mon Dec 05, 2005 9:54 am

Hello everybody,

Well it has been great to read all these posts as I have just been prescribed Protopic 0.03% for my face after 6 months of having developed eczema on my face.

I started with eczema when I was 7 years old on the inside of my elbows. I can't remember what I used for it but I know I did not start with steroid creams until I got severe eczema on my eyelids when I was 13. I used Hydrocortisone on my eyelids whenever it flared up but this stopped after about a year and then I very rarely got eczema until recently. I am 25 now and about 6 months ago, the backs of my knees started to flare up then I got it on my nipple. I was prescibed Elocon and my nipples have stopped flaring up and behind my knees does occassionally. Then in the Summer, I noticed a rash on my face which I didn't dream was eczema but low and behold it was!!! This is now the BANE of my life - at some point every week I get a bright red flare up around my mouth. I was originally told to use the Elocon on it which does stop it but I was concerned about the skin thinning effects with it being on my face.

Anyway, the Doctor has now given me Aveeno mousturiser and Protopic. I had a major flare up this morning so have given it a whirl! It isn't really burning - my face felt a bit hot when I first put it on. I am just praying that I have found an alternative solution to steroids as my facial eczema is really depressing me. The Aveeno seems to agree with me as it feels lovely and smooth when I put it on and my face feels really mousturised. I forgot to put it on last night and don't know whether this is why my skin freaked out overnight!!

Does anyone know if you are supposed to put Protopic on all the time or just for breakouts? I will ask the Doctor in 3 weeks when I go back for him to check how I am doing.

I am very down about my eczema today!!!!


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