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Using protopic for the first time

Re: Using protopic for the first time

Postby alamin » Thu Jan 25, 2007 10:31 pm

Dear Dr.
i have itching all my body when warm weather or sun or i perform any excercise and at any time (night or day), it all my body when i feel this problem i have to take my closths out and i have to seek any cold area or standing near fridge,, i take medicin like zertic but cannot do any thing,, please your help


Re: Using protopic for the first time

Postby Amy » Sat Aug 25, 2007 7:42 pm

I developed eczema on my left hand 5 years ago - nothing shifted it until a consultant at my local hospital prescribed Dermovate mixed with Propylene Glycol to be used at night with a latex glove covering the hand. Improved immediately and cleared up within two weeks. Had minor flare ups since - about three times and this treatment worked again. However, 4 months ago a rash appeared on my arms and spread to my tummy, chest, back, neck, hands, scalp. Doctor diagnosed eczema and prescribed Fucidin Cream to no effect and then Dermovate NN cream which made it worse and was very drying. Eventually persuaded GP to send me to specialist - by this time rash was unbearably itchy and I was not able to sleep - sometimes only getting an hour a night. Took 2 months to get appointment with specialist who diagnosed Atopic Eczema and said something about nodules which I did not really catch or understand. He prescribed Protopic Cream which I have been using now for three and a half weeks. I have not experienced the burning some people do and it has halted the spread of the eczema to a large extent. However it has not had any other effect. The eczema is just as bad and in the last few days one or two small, new spots have appeared. I am not due to see my specialist until November and am feeling so low and depressed at the thought of having this forever. Also, is it OK to continue with the Protopic for as long as that? My specialist said if it did not clear he would prescribe the pill form of the drug when I see him again. I am not sure about this as I have read on the Internet that you need to avoid people with coughs and colds etc. whilst on this medication and this will be very difficult for me as I am a teacher of young children with severe autism. I am also taking an antihistamine called Ucerax and one side effect I have experienced is a severely bloccked nose. Has anyone else experienced this and is it the Ucerax or the Protopic or not linked at all? My husband thinks I should ask to see the specialist earlier as I am not feeling any benefit from the treatment but I am not sure. Should I expect it to take this long. I have read about people having almost imstant improvements on this cream.

Re: Using protopic for the first time

Postby Amy » Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:02 am

Thanks for that Gregson. I will look into that. Rash is getting worse daily.

Re: Using protopic for the first time

Postby greenpea@aol.com » Tue Jan 27, 2009 2:25 am

yes, my name is janet, my daughter is 5yrsold. she has had eczema since she was 6mths. i have been done everything to help her.nothing is working. on this past friday, we took her to Duke Medical Center, in Durham,NC. the doctor put her on Protopic. I'm noticing open sores in her hair. and she is still scratching. i'm praying we all can found a cure very soon.

Re: Using protopic for the first time

Postby sadie » Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:24 pm

I have recently started using Protopic, after years of being eczema free. It suddenly flared back up because of strees i think, so a dermatologist gave me this cream, on my 1st application i was in agony, the burn and itching just stressed me out more so i scratched. i had previously been using Metosyn cream very strong but god it works and cleared me up for years, but the doctors will no longer give it me. I have read alot about Protopic, and feel more scared of side affects than that of Metosyn, i love the sun and as any other sufferer knows it helps the skin. Should i refuse Protopic and still enjoy the sun or shall i continue with it?? any other advise is gladly recieved, sadie hale

Re: Using protopic for the first time

Postby richars1 » Thu Nov 26, 2009 8:30 am


I understand what you are going through. I wondered what the hell I had been given when I first started using Protopic. I suffer from eczema on my face and although Protopic does not clear it fully, it has been a godsend. Also it is a good alternative to steroids like you are using at the moment. With the eczema being on my face, steroids aren't really an option all the time. Stick with the Protopic for a bit longer. The discomfort and burning will sudside after a few days and you will get used to it. I'm now at the stage where I apply just in an evening. As it is greasy and an ointment I felt uncomfortable applying in the day. A lot of people have used Protopic over a long period of time and never had any side effects. You've got to way up your options and see how important a better quality of life is for yourself.

Re: Using protopic for the first time

Postby sophie » Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:53 pm

my twelve year old daughter has severe eczema to her face, involving her eyes,cheeks, lips and neck. My dermatologist perscribed protopic.As yet we havenot applied it. I am so concerned how she will protect herself from the sun at school. What if she doesn't manage to? Her truly beautiful face is becoming scarred and leathery looking. Has anyone experienced any of this and if so would you kindly share your experience of solutions or things which made it worse?

Re: Using protopic for the first time

Postby old face » Tue Apr 27, 2010 12:10 pm

If you can avoid it, dont use it. It does take down the inflammation but the damage you do to your skin in the long run is worse than redness and dryness.

If its affecting her eyes, peppermint tea bags or nettle tea bags on them will reestrict the blood vessels and take down the flare up.

Vasaline or coconut oil to moisturize.

The only way to heal it for good is commit to fixing the internal problem which starts with the digestive system. The liver is overloaded with toxins and is releasing them through the skin and sweat. The liver is overburnded because there is a problem in the intestines and bowels....secondly the body is not absorbing nutrients properly.

I dont know if you can get a colonic irrigation or a coffee enema done for a 12 year old, but it helps to sort out the digestive system.

It takes around 3 months to heal completely.
old face

Re: Using protopic for the first time

Postby child » Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:32 pm

Can anyone help? My mum is gonna make me use protopic tonight and i am scared that it will sting... Will i be able to sleep tonight, or does it make you itch and keep you awake?

Re: Using protopic for the first time

Postby lozzy » Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:43 pm

Hi, I am 20 and have just finished my first 2 weeks of using protopic 0.1%. I have to say, the stuff so far has been amazing, although I do not yet know whether the severe eczema around my eyes and on my neck will reappear. I didn't drink during the course, but the day after drank with no side effects to my face as others have described. It stung very slightly (not unbearable) from about an hour after application probably for about an hour. This lasted I think 4-5 days, and from then on it just felt like I was applying a heavy moisturiser. Honestly it is nothing to worry about if you're using it for a regular period of time, and any irritation is so worth the end result! It never interrupted my sleeping, if anything made me more sleepy because my eyelids were heavy. I am a terror for itching my ezcema without realising, but it this case managed to mainly distract myself as I didn't want to get the stuff on my fingers and have to wash my hands again... Whatever works! My eyelids haven't gone wrinkly like they would when using steroids, and I can finaLly wear makeup again :D just go for it, and good luck to anyone trying it.


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