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Eczema relief with Sea Water

Eczema relief with Sea Water

Postby Poe » Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:08 am

I am new to this forum, I stumbled across it a couple of years ago but only joined the other day. I had been reading everyone's posts as I have suffered from eczema here and then. My daughter now 10 months old had eczema when she was 3 months old which I found really tough as a first time father.

I had read all the suggestions and been to the doctor but most of the things suggested were chemically derived or not probably not good for the body. This made me look elsewhere and I remember as a kid when we went to the beach for holidays how my eczema would clear up from the swimming. I thought I'm gonna try this for my daughter.

Within 3 days of spraying seawater the eczema was almost gone and she wasn't trying to itch anymore. Ill be honest I was so happy, it was hard to see her suffering when she can't do much.

Anyway I thought to help all those suffering from eczema I would create this product. I don't expect you to buy it but thought I would let you know. If you go to http://www.pacificoceanelements.com you will find pure seawater in a spray bottle. We put the sea water through an 8 stage filtering process which at the end gives you 100% natural seawater.

It is great stuff many people have used it so far with great results. If you are looking for some relief I would suggest moving to the coast or bottling some yourself. Like some people though this is just not feasible or practical and hopefully we can help. We ship internationally and you can calculate your postage on the site.
Natural relief for eczema http://www.pacificoceanelements.com
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