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Re: Cornflour

Postby Auth » Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:47 am

OMG this is heaven on Earth you are so so so good!!!! This looks pcferet the many layers and the simple icing is pure taste escasty. I'm sure happy that you doing this pastry month you have my creative juices flowing.OBTW I use flavoured pure tea' powders (available at my local store in a variety pack 25 teabags with 5 flavours about $4)in my macarons they came in pure mint. pure orange, pure cherry, pure apricot and pure lemongrass they don't contain any tea at all! The bags contain about 2 tsp of finely ground powder I place these in with the TPT when I'm grinding it. Look in the tea section of the supermarket you will find a lot of powders that you can use in your macarons. Love everything about your blog. Hope the Ekka goes well (or went well) I think it's on now!!!!


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