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Super Sensitive Cream

Super Sensitive Cream

Postby CB » Fri Apr 19, 2002 7:30 pm

I bought Super Sensiitve Cream mail order from an Harley Street address after it was 'advertorialed' in the Sunday press here. It made my skin 100 times worse, I had to go back on steroids and have to use the steroid cream still three months later. I have to say this is MY reaction not a generalisation, I sent the cream back and got a full refund. It smelt very perfumed and contains preservatives. If you are going to use it ask them to send you a sample first.

Re: Super Sensitive Cream

Postby shirley » Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:12 pm

Dude, just use plain ointment base like wool alcohols ointment o emulsifying ointment, its got no chemicals because its the very basic element.


try zinc oxide cream. That's even better.

Re: Super Sensitive Cream

Postby Lavar » Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:20 pm

Grade A stuff. I'm unqusetoianbly in your debt.

Re: Super Sensitive Cream

Postby William » Sun Apr 22, 2012 3:36 pm

What products are good for sstienive oily aging skin.?hi therei am 31 and have senstive oily skin with slight rosacea. i use aveda tourmaline products and they seem ok. do you suggest anything else for sstienive skin. especially: cleaning, moisturize and anti-aging.thanks a lot

Re: Super Sensitive Cream

Postby Irfan » Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:49 pm

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Re: Super Sensitive Cream

Postby Mohamed » Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:11 pm

Hi,Sounds like the skin reactions that I was hainvg two to three years ago right after I poisoned my liver from too much and too many toxic micro-nutritional supplements for too long. My sleep was terrible back then when I was hainvg severe pruritus Urticaria allergic reactions to foods antibiotic-meds skin-creams shower-water and my own sweat and who knows what other toxins, that would then also promote fungal infections and lymph gland swellings from my weakened immune system. After several months I eventually learned to make more costly organic nutritional choices, that then allowed my immune system and organs to rebuild and get stronger so I could again get a fairly good night’s sleep.IF YI my own skin-pruritus-Urticaria issues have cost about $2,500 in the last three years to learn what I now know which is that ALL skin diseases are a result of one's micro-nutrition and/or toxic ‘absorption’ from the air skin or gut and/or hygiene and/or parasites.Since petrolatum med steroid antibiotic pushing MDs were not very helpful, and it ‘almost’ took too long to learn what I now try to teach others, I now take a little time each week to help others understand that more costly nutrition helps to heal one’s body NOT meds or supplements.Poor quality and/or low cost micro-nutrition that will weaken one's immune system, will cause/ allow/ promote diabetes types of fungal infections and itch rash diseases and almost any other disease, even if one might be very very young or a toddler or has never been ‘overweight’ in their life.With my own liver disease, within five minutes to four to six hours after being triggered my allergic reactions will begin and will last for a few minutes to a couple of hours and would cause small water blisters along with skin fevers and itches and then rashes and then long term scaling. When my malady was at its worst I used to have allergic itches to my own sweat that I was burning off after showering or during exercise or when parts of my body got hot during a time in my life when I used to have considerable toxins stored within my body fat, along with a severely weakened immune and filter systems that for some reason would not eliminate these strong toxins into a stool. [See heat rashes at: .]Monistat_7 and Desenex are moist-area anti-fungals and Monistat_Derm and Head_&_Shoulders are also anti-fungals, but you really need to do more internet research from the links I have given to better understand how difficult it is for meds alone to totally remedy serious skin maladies. After I began using too much of a thin petrolatum based skin cream I eventually checked into the ER one morning due to my ‘severely’ swollen lymph glands that made me think I might have contracted lymphoma. So only use med creams that are prescribed in a very-minimal way over a thin layer of wash water, so that one’s immune system and skin/ organs can repair and grow stronger ‘naturally’ without also poisoning one’s liver further.Since when I was an asthmatic teen and learned I would have severe reactions when I 'accidentally' inhaled or used 'any' deodorants, and could not eat cinnamon stuff without hainvg an anaphylactic reaction because cinnamon has some toxins that are strong enough to substitute for pesticides, my life long triggers have taught me to use hypo-allergenic non-perfumed soaps in a minimal way and to sometimes powder different portions of my body with cornstarch to help minimize yeast infections; especially whenever my micro-nutritional absorption within my gut has been less than was ‘necessary’ to ‘adequately’ repair my body’s immune system, organs, and skin on a daily basis.Lastly, even though I might not have answered your question as ‘specifically’ as you may have wanted, to help you with simple and concise information on ALL itch rash illnesses and for short and long term solutions to them ALL the following link has considerable info within a ‘report’ I recently posted on Y_A: The report is an accumulation of my own investigations into itch rash illnesses that are due to my own non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, even though I have a fairly low BMI of 26. I truly truly hope that what you might rapidly learn in the next few minutes will help you to decide on the correct choices that will remedy your painful malady in the future.My best to you and yours,AI – self taught nutritionIsT >[(-:]PS IF YI a nutrition ranking I have learned about is posted at: . FYI The most nutritionally ‘dense’ foods are expensive leafy green vegetables.

Re: Super Sensitive Cream

Postby Jill » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:32 pm

I had two lines under my eyes due to lack of sleep, so I used a Simple eye roll-on thing that was meant to reduce pfifuness' and relax' my eyes. Once I'd used it my two fine lines extended and more lines were created as well as some that look like crows feet!It's been months and I still haven't found a natural cure. I've tried some regenerating/age resisting creams and they've served to do nothing, good or bad.I'm 15 and have horrible under eyes, what life will I have? I'll look 80 at 30.It's affecting my confidence so much.Help please!I know I shouldn't have used the eye cream or just put on makeup, but I'm human and all I care about is getting rid of the lines, not thinking of alternative things I could have done.

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