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Ketoconazole Cream 2% works

Ketoconazole Cream 2% works

Postby Happy » Thu Aug 29, 2002 9:28 pm

I was loosing hope - had used hydrocortizone cream for too long and then went to a Dermatologist in Miami and he prescribed me a non-steroid cream called Ketoconazole. I used it for 4 to 6 weeks and it completely cleared up the eczema on my face. I also had a little on my hair line and ears so I bought Nizoral Shampoo (it also has ketoconazole in it 1% and is over the counter) and it cleared that up. I had been using it for about 1 year until I finally did some more research and found that I was lacking a fatty acid called Omega 3 in my diet. The information provided said that most people who have eczema will test deficient in Omega 3 or one of the Fatty Acids. I started taking Omega 3 (got it from Fish Oil Tablets - 1 in the morning and 1 before bed) (NOT Cod Liver! - just regular Salmon, Mackeral, etc. fish oil) 1000 mg tablets. It is now 1 week and 1/2 later and the eczema is completely gone. I do not even use the Ketoconazole cream anymore. I learned that if you are allergic to Fish or Fish Oil you can also get the Omega 3 Fatty Acid from Flaxseed Oil.

Re: Ketoconazole Cream 2% works

Postby Happy » Thu Aug 29, 2002 9:31 pm

I also drink Green Tea. It has antioxidents in it and is supposed to be a very good anti-inflammatory. For bathing I only use Aveeno Oatmeal Soap. For moisturizer I only use Aveeno Fragrance Free Oatmeal Moisturizer.

Re: Ketoconazole Cream 2% works

Postby steve Smith » Thu Aug 29, 2002 10:02 pm

hi happy,
i got the green tea and fish oils today, after our chat.
I will let you know how i get on with it over the course of the week.

Talk to you soon

steve Smith

Re: Ketoconazole Cream 2% works

Postby steve Smith » Fri Aug 30, 2002 11:08 am

i think i have an allergy to the fish oils.
I had a feeling i would have.
so now i'm trying out the fleexseed oil,
fingers crossed for no bad reactions.

steve Smith

Re: Ketoconazole Cream 2% works

Postby Happy » Fri Aug 30, 2002 7:13 pm

Hi Steve,

I just checked the board today and saw your post. Good Luck I hope it works for you - let me know how it goes. I also forgot to tell you that Advil helps too when you have a day where the eczema is worse than better.

Re: Ketoconazole Cream 2% works

Postby Happy » Fri Aug 30, 2002 7:42 pm

I read about Protopic (Tacroliums) Gel and also there is another one called Elidel Cream. It said they are steroid free.

Here is what the information indicated about Protopic:

Protopic (tacrolimus): steroid-free and will improve or completely clear eczema in more than 80% of treated patients with less side effects than topical steroids.

Active agent: tacrolimus, is a macrolide immunosuppressant produced by Streptomyces that inhibits T-lymphocyte cell activation.

Protopic Ointment has been FDA approved for short-term and intermittent long-term therapy for patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis in whom the use of conventional therapies is inadvisable or not adequately effective.

1. Do not use if your eczema lesions are inflamed, weeping or infected!
2. Avoid getting ointment directly in the eye. 3. Protopic Ointment is for EXTERNAL use only!
4. Protopic Ointment should NOT be combined with any other topical skin products or topical prescription medications.
5. Do NOT apply any other type of skin product on top of Protopic Ointment.
6. Avoid Sun exposure.
7. While using Protopic you must AVOID sunlight and sun lamps, tanning beds and treatment with UVA or UVB light. If you need to be outdoors after applying Protopic, wear loose fitting clothing that protects-the treated area from the sun. In addition use sunscreens / sunblocks. 8. Tacrolimus, the active ingredient in Protopic, has been shown to make the "time to skin tumor formation" shorter in animal studies but NOT in humans. If while on Protopic, you develop a photoreaction on your skin, stop taking Protopic, avoid sun exposure and consult your own doctor regarding a possible photosensitivity reaction.

Common Side Effects: The most common side effects of Protopic Ointment are:
1. temporary stinging or burning sensation or itching (pruritis) at the application site. These symptoms typically improve as the eczema lesions heal.
2. Protopic treatment may be associated with an increased risk of chicken pox, shingles, herpes simplex virus infection, or eczema herpeticum. 3. Also Protopic may accentuate the adverse effects of ultraviolet light on the skin. Therefore patients using Protopic should avoid sunlight, sun lamps, tanning beds and treatment with UVA and UVB light.
4. While using Protopic, drinking alcohol may cause the skin or face to become flushed or red and feel hot.

1. Do NOT use PROTOPIC if you are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant.
2. Do NOT use PROTOPIC if you are breast feeding.
3. Do NOT take PROTOPIC if you are allergic or have hypersensitivity to the active ingredient tacrolimus or any of the inactive ingredients, if unsure check with your pharmacist and/or physician.
4. Do NOT use PROTOPIC if your eczema lesions are inflamed, weeping or infected! People with eczema are prone to infections, especially staph and herpes. Increased redness, pus-filled bumps (pustules), weeping of lesions are early signs of infections and you must NOT use Protopic ointment.
5. If you experience signs of infections DISCONTINUE use of Protopic and consult your physician immediately!
6. Do NOT use PROTOPIC if you suffer from Netherton's Syndrome.
7. PROTOPIC 0.1% is NOT approved for Pediatric use. You must be 18 years or older to use Protopic Ointment 0.1% strength.
8. Do NOT combine with ultraviolet light treatment! Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, sun lamps, UVA and UVB photolight treatments while using Protopic Ointment.
9. Do NOT combine with other topical medications.
10. Do NOT use other over-the-counter topical medications or topical prescription medications with Protopic Ointment.
11. PROTOPIC is for EXTERNAL use only!

*Continue to moisturize your skin as directed. *Always apply moisturizer first to wet skin. *Wait until completely dry before applying Protopic Ointment.
*Continue to use sunscreens and sunblocks. Wait until Protopic Ointment completely absorbed into skin before applying.

How to use: A thin layer is applied to the affected areas twice a day about 12 hours apart. When applying Protopic after a bath or shower, make sure any moisturizer are well absorbed and your skin is completely dry before applying Protopic ointment.
**Do not apply any other type of skin product on top of the Protopic Ointment. Do not cover treated skin with occlusive dressings or bandages.
**Wear loose clothing.

Eczema CANNOT be cured, but it can be controlled. Protopic can be used for short term and intermittent long term use. Therefore, even though your skin may start to heal and feel better within the first few weeks of treatment, it is important to keep using Protopic as prescribed for 1 week after clearing of eczema symptoms. Eczema or atopic dermatitis can recur within several weeks of stopping treatment. Since Protopic has been approved for long term use and it is not a steroid, you can intermittently continue to treat eczema outbreaks until they occur. IF YOU NOTICE THAT YOUR ECZEMA GETS WORSE WITHIN THE FIRST FEW WEEKS OF TREATMENT, STOP PROTOPIC AND CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN FOR A PHYSICAL EXAMINATION!

Re: Ketoconazole Cream 2% works

Postby Happy » Fri Aug 30, 2002 7:52 pm

Here is the website for Elidel cream:


This one sounds very similar to Protopic.

Re: Ketoconazole Cream 2% works

Postby Naminder » Fri Aug 30, 2002 9:25 pm

Hi Happy and Steve,
how do you guys know each other? Where did you you have your 'chat'?

Happy, thank you for your information, but we already have that on our factsheet on Proptopic. If you would like one, go to the factsheet section on the left. There are threads on this and Elidel also on the board.

Is this your first time on this board.

Re: Ketoconazole Cream 2% works

Postby steve Smith » Sat Aug 31, 2002 1:44 pm

hi happy , naminder

(happy )
i took the fish oils, and unfortunatley my skin flared up especially on my face. I then took the flaxseed oil and same results, but saying that my skin has not been good anyway.

However did you know that you can pierce the capsules and actually apply the oils directly onto the skin. I have done that now, and am waiting for any reactions to occur. If they dont then great!. Anyway i thought i'd let you know.

Will post results soon.

Naminder. I meet happy on a chat room dedicated to eczema sufferes who recommended fish oils (omega 3) and or flaxseed oil.
As my skin is pretty bad, i took happy's advice and also mentioned to happy to post it here on this website so that others can try it and maybe it will benefit them as it did with happy.

Its a great way of leaving messages here, and I hope you dont mind.

a more happier Steve Smith [getting there slowly :) ]
steve Smith

Re: Ketoconazole Cream 2% works

Postby Naminder » Sun Sep 01, 2002 8:12 pm

Guys there is thread on cod liver oil here you may want to check out.
You can do a keyword search for other posts on the subject.


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