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Linotar/Exorex/Exarex - tried it??

Linotar/Exorex/Exarex - tried it??

Postby Sarah » Thu Mar 13, 2003 8:49 pm

Hi - has anyone tried a gel for eczema and psoriasis called Linotar? I think it may be called Exorex/Exarex in the U.S.A. It is produced in South AFrica by MeyerZall and is also available in Australia and New Zealand.

I am looking for a non-steroidal treatment for my 6 month old. Any feedback welcome!

TIA, Sarah

Re: Linotar/Exorex/Exarex - tried it??

Postby JKMT » Wed Jun 25, 2003 2:26 am

Yes, I've used Linotar for my now-2-year-old, after being stopped by a stranger who said it had produced amazing results in her granddaughter. For us, it has had no effect, and at $AU40 a bottle it has been one of the most expensive in the the array of also-unhelpful creams in my cupboard. I hope you have more success with it. Chinese herbal medicine has been the most helpful treatment for us, but it's a big commitment and we have a long way to go.

Re: Linotar/Exorex/Exarex - tried it??

Postby Sarah » Sun Jul 06, 2003 8:17 pm

Hi - just to update my earlier message - we tried Linotar (and yep, it is expensive!) It sort-of worked - i.e. it kept the worst of my son's eczema at bay while we used it, but no more so than using mild hydrocortisone does. As soon as we stopped, it came back.

so all-in-all, I probably won't bother getting it again.

Next step is to try giving him child-strength acidophilis capsules - to try treating it from the inside!

Re: Linotar/Exorex/Exarex - tried it??

Postby Linda Holmes » Tue Jun 05, 2007 12:01 pm

My daughter is now almost 21 and we have been battling atopic eczema since she was a baby. It has become almost unbearable on her face and scalp in the past year. The doctors no longer know what to do - they suspect it is Seborheic Dermatitis or Rosacea. Oral cortisone, cortisone injections and creams no longer help. This beautiful young person is suffering terribly- her face and scalp are red, flaky and almost raw. She also has drawers full of topical creams and shampoos which have cost a fortune but not helped!
Her eyes are constantly dry, itchy and the skin on her eyelids is red and flaky. At times they are so irritated she wakes up with them almost swollen shut.

Does anyone else suffer similarly???
Linda Holmes

Re: Linotar/Exorex/Exarex - tried it??

Postby theresa » Sun Jul 22, 2007 3:24 pm

hi i used exorex on my daughter when she was 6 months old and it worked well for her eczema although it discoloured her skin temporarily

Re: Linotar/Exorex/Exarex - tried it??

Postby TinToronto » Fri May 21, 2010 2:08 pm

Hi there,

My heart goes out to the poor kid. I have eczema very much like this child and spent many months at sick kids hospital. A couple of things really worked for me, one was to use creams with paraffin in them, it creates a barrier on the skin something us folks with eczma can't seem to do. Oil of Olatrum (sp?) baths really worked well and creams with paraffin like Elta applied directly after bathing. Lots of benedryl will help with sleeping at night. It's important to ensure sleep at night, it's when you itch the most and also when your body heals. Also, the less anxious the child will be, if the child is anxious treat it with medication. It's very important for the rest of the childs life, kids with extreme eczeme are anxious, who wouldn't be with all that itching! Try to aviod creams with urmeol it is possible to allergic to it. Coal tar creams and baths are excellent for eczema they help to take the itch away. Good luck and keep trying, something will work.

God bless,

Re: Linotar/Exorex/Exarex - tried it??

Postby Ian » Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:57 am

My entire fmliay has eczema and asthma. Your best bet is to see a dermatologist and get the right medication after you've been tested. You might be breaking out from something very common. You can try to take Benadryl over the counter and see if that helps but, the real thing is best and you need a doctor to tell you what. A combination of steroids like prednisone and atrax for your skin plus Allergy shots on a weekly basis is sometimes necessary.

Re: Linotar/Exorex/Exarex - tried it??

Postby Lunga » Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:08 am

Best anti ageing cemars?I've been thinking about buying a bunch of clinique, because I heard it was good but now I'm not so sure.Alot of people on here also talk about olay and there are a few who swear by neutrogena.I currently use a light face wash and wear a 45 spf coppertone moisturizing sunblock under my makeup everyday. I'm 20 and want the very best for my skin and would be willing to pay what ever the cost for a great product. Please help!

Re: Linotar/Exorex/Exarex - tried it??

Postby Intel » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:44 pm

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