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Osas cream

Re: Osas cream

Postby heartfelt » Thu May 20, 2010 7:47 pm

although i have not verified any independant information, i believe it's a set up, because 4 a long time they have tried 2 ban the cream without any luck, NOT BECAUSE IT HAD ANY STEROIDS IN IT, BUT BECAUSE IT WAS ILLEGAL N HADN'T BEEN APPROVED BY THE NHS OR THE MEDICAL APPROVAL SOCIETY (who ever approves this stuff), anyway as i was sayin. my opinion is that because someone as found a miricale cure (because let's be honest that's what OSAS is) n practically putting health sector out of business where Eczema is concerned, no one want's the creams that the doctor's prescribe anymore, because they jus pure n simply DO NOT work n make conditions worse. No one want's 2 buy prescribtions 4 them either so their losing money (AND THIS IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT)the man/woman who makes the cream is making more money than them n we all no wat this goverment is like don't we (i say no more)so this is how this steroid ploy was created 2 put him/her out of business, it saying this i'm not sayin that the steroid thing is not true, but come on people that's what they give u anyway n prescribe 4 u n ur family also your babies too, to me steroid is steroid no matter how little, or much it gets, this man/woman helped me to help my daughter stop suffering, u muss know how it feels 2 watch ur child scratch till she's litcually bleeding to death sheets, clothes, blankets etc, but most of all their bodies covered in blood, like they've been butchered, crying endlessly, unsettled all the time because of the uncomfortableness n how it makes them feel, skin dry beyond means, cracked, weeping, infected due to constant scratching n flare ups, cum on people i don't think this man/woman intented to hurt anyone, just help, his inspiration was probaly his own son or daughter have u ever thought of that because it's hard 4 any parent 2 watch their child go through that kind of suffering, and if he didn't mention their was steroid in it, n there was he muss have a valid reason, it's not like u still wouldn't of bought it if u did know, IT WORKS, give the guy a break, i 4 1 am greatful n will cotinue 2 use this brilliant n amazing creation. my daughter was 8 mths wen i started using OSAS she's now 2 n 4mths, haven't had OSAS 4 arown 8 weeks now due to all the politics n she has now started to suffer again although not as bad, but bad n nothing else works, so i've had 2 order on line, ither that or she contiue's 2 suffer tremendously, if any one as any other suggestions pls feel free to suggest. my daughter has used it without anyside effects n is happier with it than without n dat is my main concern, if their was anything wrong with her skin her doctor would of said, cause she still sees the doctor regardless.

Re: Osas cream

Postby reshma » Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:15 pm

hello, i have been trying to get hold of this osase lotion as i have used it in the past and found that the outcome of it was excellent. how do i get hold of another bottle? please can somebody advise me futher on this?


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