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Finally, I cured it! Aloe was the main secret

Finally, I cured it! Aloe was the main secret

Postby RichF » Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:57 pm

I have tried everything known to man on my 10 year old son. Everything allopathy has to offer. And nothing worked. Each year seemed to get worse. I drew a line in the sand when we got to the option of cyclosporan. I wasn't willing to go there. And my natural cures were failing as well. The borage oil, the fish oils, the special diets, remove gluten, remove dairy, remove sugar, remove meat, remove food, remove life, . . . But now, I don't think we'll need another drop of steriod cream or chlorine for the bathtub. No more chemicals period. I'm seeing miracle results in just a few short days - mainly from aloe.

There are those rare few who do not respond well to aloe. My daughter and her mother have skin that does not like aloe. So if you are one of those unlucky individuals, I am sorry. My daughter outgrew her eczema finally, as a teenager, and she controls it well with Vaseline and a vitamin C based face cleanser. She's happy with those two products. But my son is only 10, and far worse off. Luckily, his skin can handle aloe, the way most people can. Vaseline for him might work, if we caked his entire body in it, every hour of the day, 24 hours a day. That's how bad his skin is. His skin cracks up like potato chip. Very painful. Dries out very rapidly in the winter, and itches like crazy in the summer. Painful for others to watch. His body reactions have grown worse with time, as his immune system got more desperate.

Here is his miracle cure protocol (learned partly from the kind contributors of this web site):
Electric space heater, with a humidifier directly in front of it, for night time. (trying to avoid the gas heat as much as possible in winter).
During the day, one cup of oolong tea with honey. I think that's supposed to reduce itching.
Twice a day, I mix up a small glass of aloe vera juice (4-6 oz) with powdered sweetened vitamin C - 1 gram. This is a common sunburn cure that I've used for years, but I believe it's also helping rid the eczema. For an adult, you might want 2 or 3 grams of C instead of 1.
At night, a full bath with a cup of Dead Sea salt. In Texas, I can buy a 5 lb bucket of Dead Sea salt for $25 from Whole Foods. Epsom salts might be just as good if you are on a tight budget, but I'm going with the best for my son. Our water here is pretty hard and acidic, so this is supposed to reduce the itching. I hope someday I can afford a water softener for my entire home, as that might also be advisable.
If he needs to shampoo, we do that in the salt bath, using a shampoo called Free and Clear which was recommended by his dermatologist.
While my son is in the bath, I go to my large aloe plant, and cut off a few full sized leaves. I peal the leaves and put the clear gunk in my food processor, which shreds the gel into a clear slimy liquid.
After a 15 to 20 minute bath, my son gets out, we dry him quickly, and immediately apply the aloe slime over his entire face and body. We wait for it to dry a bit, because it's a bit like a skin mask when it dries. Then he goes to bed, lying on a fresh towel. Later, if any skin looks dry, I will add some Vaniply. Vaniply is like Vaseline, but it's more pure, and much more expensive. Our dermatologist recommended it. I have to special order it from Walgreens, because they don't typically stock it. Vaseline would be my 2nd choice, which honestly, seems to work as well. But Vaniply is a little thinner, seems to get in the skin better, and is a little let greasy, dries a little faster - easier on clothing than Vaseline.
But I have to say, the fresh aloe is working so well, I'm not finding much need for anything else. His skin is clearing up everywhere to perfection. The cracking is gone. The dried skin is going away. The infections are leaving. I can't remember a day when my son had a clear back, or neck or elbow. And the very stubborn sores on his legs appear to be going away.
Needless to say, I'm going to be buying a lot more aloe pots around the house. I know you can buy aloe in containers, that is probably fairly pure, but I believe making it fresh from the plant each day is probably more potent. I keep the plant indoors in the winter, and move it outside the rest of the year. Texas is pretty warm so the plant does well outside most of the year for me. If you can't grow it, I would recommend you buy the purest form of jell you can find and use that. Another guy on this site was buying it, and mixing it with a bit of propolis, which sounds like a great idea. I just haven't been able to get my hands on any propolis yet. But so far, I'm curing up all the eczema without it.
Overall, I think the salty baths, and fresh aloe is doing 99.9% of the curing.
I was prepared to add vinegar to his bath, as mentioned here, instead of chlorine, for controlling infection. But with his skin curing so fast and well, I may never need it.
I have used hydroxyzine pills in the past to help him through itch attacks. It also helps him sleep. That's the one prescription drug we found to be a life saver. But hopefully, I won't be needing to use those pills anymore, if this natural cure continues to cure his skin. The results so far, have been rapid, and stunning.
I wish you all the best through this mess.
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