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SBC gel & lactose free milk

SBC gel & lactose free milk

Postby aeromint2 » Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:10 am


I looked at a post that I submitted in 2011, back then I was just aeromint. Like many of you I have tried many products and accessed so many treatments. My journey ended with SBC gels, which I love as they are water based, and I use them extensively. I found using the primrose gel stopped the eczema appearing on the inside of my arms after 30+ years after a few months of regular application (and has not come back in over 3 years), together with drinking lactose milk. My husband brought the milk initially for him, thinking it would do him some good, but actually I got the most benefit as my skin returned to it's normal colour.
Although, my skin is damaged, thickened, wrinkled after using steroids for 20 years+......I am comfortable in my skin. I hope other's find relief.
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