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Postby Hari » Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:34 pm

I thought I should narrate my experience as well. I am from bangalore. My daughter is 1 1/2 year old. She started showing sign of rashes two months back on both her cheeks. I first applied Bednovite for the first two days. Realised it was not healing. Then I consulted my Pediatrician who prescribed the cream flutibact. I was applying this cream for the next two weeks. She initially showed some improvement but over a period of time the rashes were back and became distinct and to add to our worries it was spreading.
Then I should take her to a dermatologist. I consulted one of the leading dermatoligist in bangalore. He prescribed the following

1) No Soap( instead use SS LOTION)
2) Frequently applly Moisturiser - VERA - E Cream
3) Apply a ointment by name CUTISOFT twice a day

This medication I continued for two week and did not work. However she was not scratching her face like how she used to do before. So after two week I took her back to the doctor and explained him that this not working.He told us that this a clear case of ATOPIC DERMATATIS , not caused by any infection , but could be due to multiple facors. He also told us that her skin is alergic to any one of the following and also mentioned that it might take months / days to heal.
Next he asked us to apply the following course:

PICON - A product of BIOCON. ( Slightly Expensive Cream )

Applied for another two week. No sign of improvement. And during this time period I have been researching online on what
are the possible treatments for this. I also got scared reading some of the blogs that there are children suffering from

this ailment for as high as 6 - 10 years. While researching online I found one interesting fact that this case is seen on

almost 15% of the world population ( not sure if this a correct fact). This was an eye opener to me because by then I was quite sure there must be some medication available for this on the traditional medicines like AYURVEDA / SIDDAH

I was also keen on trying some of the medication techniques my grand ma uses ( PAATI VAIDHYAM ). My neighbor asked me to apply KUPPAI MENI KEERAI Juice ( extract) ( its a popular siddah medicine ). I was roaming the entire Bangalore to get this
green finally found this at shivaji nagar. The person selling this also asked me to visit a AYURVEDIC MEDICINE SHOP inside
ULSOOR Market. While coming back from shivaji nagar I also visited this ayurvedic shop which is supposed to be in this area for almost 200 years. This person asked me to appy the following medicine which turned out to be really effective.

The medicine is called LOOKMAN- E-HAYAT TEL. The person who gave this medicine was a quite old person and he told me that

this is a effective oil and should definitely take care of ECZEMA. Initially I was not even interested in buying this

medicine. But since I heard good review about this place I thought I will take his advice and buy this oil. The oil costed me 30 rupees.

I came back and again researched online found some good review about this product on mouthshut.com. Also visited their website and checked their composition
Realised it is nothing but TIL Oil ( 97 %). Also researched about TIL oil and found this is a good medicine for treating Skin related ailments.

After reading all these reviews, I thought I should try this medicine atleast once. I have been trying this medicine for the

past 4 weeks now and I can really that this is working. Her infection on the left cheek is almost gone ( no scar ). The right cheek is still has little infection but I can really see its working.

I would say AYURVEDIC Medicine in this case really worked for me.

Again I am not a doctor, I am not prescribing any medicine here. It might be a case that I was lucky and my kid responded to this medicine very well. But I thought this information is worth sharing..

Re: Lookman-e-hayattel

Postby sara » Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:57 pm

hi,would this medication work for spots on my cheeks also? please reply back :)

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Postby Ibrahim » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:03 pm

Bipolar is primarily ttraeed with medications, and you see a therapist for support in managing the illness and dealing with the fallout. psycheducation.org is a good website that presents your treatment options and best practice guidelines. common meds include lithium, depakote, lamictal, abilify, seroquel, tegretol, risperdal/invega (they are basically the same thing), and others. Usually depakote or lithium would be the first things tried lamictal has lost some of its luster lately, and i guess many psychiatrists are saying it shouldn't be a first line treatment anymore. antipsychotics like abilify, seroquel, risperdal etc. can be helpful, but usually are for crisis management, and then tapered off, since they have riskier side effect profiles than other meds. If you do need to take them long term, you need to weigh yourself regularly, get cholesterol and triglycerides and blood sugar checked (these drugs often cause diabetes, so you need to catch blood sugar problems in time to discontinue the drug so you get no permanent problems) can cause heartbeat abnormalities, so you need EKG's, and can cause tardive dyskenesis. The risk is proportional to the dose. Those antispychotics are huge money makers for drug companies now, since most antidepressants and other psych meds are off patent, so those drugs are improperly pushed onto people with moderate to mild mental illness, and antipsychotics are too risky to use unless the mental illness is severe enough to justify it. Antidepressants, while commonly prescribed by community psychiatrists, are not recommended for bipolar disorder by bipolar experts. Many experts feel that antidepressants increase the risk of rapid cycling and switch to mania (hey, it happened to me and my brother) and may permanently make bipolar worse for some people. A LARGE study done by the national institute of mental health called the STEP-II study found that adding an antidepressant to a mood stabilizer such as depakote or lithium offered NO benefit, so they concluded, why take the risk of destabilizing someone? ECT is an option as well, but meds are needed to hold the benefit of the ECT. Or you can get maintenance ECT, like once a month, get one treatment, but you can't do that indefinitely some people think there is some serious risk in that ( I don't remember what the number was, like 50 treatments or more isn't recommended). I had ECT and it didn't work, but I would still say people shouldn't rule it out, if nothing else works. I did lose about a year's worth of memories from it, though. it upsets me, but the bipolar itself interferes with memory very much also, so I guess I am used to it. It isn't common to have that much memory loss from that procedure, but does happen.The meds work very well for some people, and for those people, they may have virtually no symptoms at all, and never relapse again, or maybe only a couple times in their life. For others, the meds help, but they still have a lot of relapses, and still have lingering symptoms. For some others, the meds help very little, and the bipolar can be disabling. You should be seeing a psychiatrist, not a family doc, for bipolar disorder.hope something here helped.PS some folks here on yahoo answers will say they cured their bipolar with diet and exercise diet and exercise help, abosolutely, but won't cure it or fix severe symptoms. You have to realize that most people with bipolar have only a few episodes in their life. They credit the diet and exercise with the remission, but in truth, they will relapse eventually. With no treatment, many people go YEARS between relapses. Other people, like me, are chronically ill with it. Plus, many people diagnosed bipolar are MIS diagnosed -maybe they had abuse issues at home or something, dealt with it, then got on with their lives, and because they didn't have mental illness, the stress symptoms went away. and they think they fixed bipolar, but they never had it to begin with.

Re: Lookman-e-hayattel

Postby Daiane » Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:18 am

thank you for writing this. while i haven't puhbsiled anything, i am writing, and i do have bipolar disorder. lately, i've been wrestling with processing issues, and i'm hoping to find others who are able to work through the various difficulties that bp presents. ultimately, these problems keep me from establishing any sort of routine, such as SKing describes in On Writing, since my state of mind can be viciously unpredictable. even if i *say* that i'm going to sit down at 8PM every night and write for two hours, there's no guarantee that my brain will cooperate.i am in treatment and doing all that i can to manage my health, both physically and mentally. however, the only solution i've found thus far is to write when my mind works and to walk away when it doesn't. that's far from ideal, and the situation is extremely limiting and frustrating. is there a certain level of acceptance for which i should be reaching? in other words, is it more healthful to acknowledge that i can apparently only do so much, or are there ways to circumvent this particular roadblock and be more consistent in the act of writing?i understand that you are likely very busy, so if you don't have the time to reply, i certainly understand. however, if you do have any words to offer, i would be most appreciative. thank you for taking the time to read this!jb*i'll be putting in a hold request at my library for Swiss Chocolate; it sounds wonderful!

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Postby Samir » Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:17 pm

A high UV sun block helped my Rosacea, Ambre Solaire UV Sensitive Ultra 50+ SPF, the cream added a white tinge which toned it down a lltite, I even used it in the winter when my condition had flared up. Wear a wide brimmed hat in the summer and avoid direct sunlight on your face. Try to avoid stress. Tell your close friends about it, they should be supportive. It looks worse to you than to any one else so try not to dwell on it. Avoiding caffene and alchohol could help too but don't cut yourself off. When you walk down the street take a look at others you'd be surprised just how many people have red cheeks or other parts of their faces too.

Re: Lookman-e-hayattel

Postby David » Sun Aug 12, 2012 8:19 pm

Can I just say what a relief to find an iiunviddal who actually knows precisely what theyre talking about online. You definitely know the best way to bring an issue to light and help it become important. More people need you just read this and understand this side on the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely develop the gift.

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