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Hayfever or other allergy?

Hayfever or other allergy?

Postby girl73 » Tue Jun 17, 2008 5:25 am

I'm awaiting my referral to the Children's Hospital but in the meantime I'm desperate to make life a little easier. Can anybody help? My 9 month old has had ezcema since he was a few months old, which is getting worse (face, behind knees and elbows, lower back, feet, etc.) He is off wheat and dairy but no success so far.

Initially I thought it might be a food intolerance but now I'm pretty sure it's environmental as he's been worse lately in good weather and seems to be best when kept indoors all day (not easy when his older brother wants to get out and about).

He is constantly scratching, sneezing and coughing (often vomiting after an episode of coughing) and in the mornings he sometimes wakes with a sticky eye and yellowish mucus rather than the clear mucus throughout the day. He's constantly hot and I struggle to keep him cool during the warm weather. I'm doing all the usuals (lots of emollient, no soaps or washing powders) but am fast running out of ideas. I noticed a thread on this site yesterday about hard water. I live in a hard water area.

Does anybody have any tips or comments? I'm so desperate to alleviate the situation as it's a daily struggle at the moment.


Re: Hayfever or other allergy?

Postby wheatfreecured » Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:42 pm

I would have him tested for IgA deficiency along with celiac disease: please google both of these.

Sounds like he has an infection to cause a cough that ends in vomiting.... a lung infection, does anything come up ? Also the eye mucous to be yellow... he is hot due to a low grade fever.

Are you sure that he is on a completely gluten free diet for the wheat. Google: Gluten Free diet. Was he or is he on breast milk ? You need to keep a journal of what he is eating and drinking... to take with you to the doctor's office also, can you take his temperature..he may have asthma as well...chronic cough could be the IgA along with the wheat..
While keeping the food journal, also record his coughing for the day.. good bad.. terrible. It is a puzzle to figure out. But research those listed to google. I have each of them and did not find out until 45 years later.


Re: Hayfever or other allergy?

Postby girl73 » Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:03 am

Thanks for the tips. I always get really embarrassed going to the doctor because I'm sure they think I'm a paranoid mother and I have been literally laughed out of the surgery before ('what do you expect ME to do about it?) But I shall bite the bullet and brave it.

I presume that the vomiting is caused by the amount of phlegm he swallows during the day. It's difficult to tell what actualy comes up as it normally happens after he's drunk his evening milk (goat's milk formula - happens every few days or so). I thought this might stop when I switched from cow's formula but nothing's changed. He drinks loads of milk throughout the day without being sick so I reckon he's sick at night because of the sheer volume of phlegm he's swallowed throughout the day. But I'm often surprised at how smelly it is, which surely means that it's proper vomiting and not just bringing recently drunk milk back up? (sorry for detail there).

He has been completely wheat and gluten-free for about three and a half months. I breastfed until he was 7.5 months but I gave up against my will when it became too difficult for me to control his diet when he was getting some of everything I was eating and drinking. Somebody did give him a bit of oatcake by mistake the other day so that might have affected him. But he's been pretty much like I've described for months.

I'll go and talk to the doctor again and see whether there's anything they can do. Without fail they say that it's a waiting game, that it's common, that it's nothing serious. It's driving me mad.

Thanks again for your advice.

Re: Hayfever or other allergy?

Postby wheatfreecured » Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:36 pm


Here are a couple of things to consider:
Goat's milk is a few percentage points lower in lactose than Cow's milk.. it still contains it.

check out this site.. cut and paste:

As here is something to consider.. with a gluten allergy... or just plain celiac...

If you have a gluten problem, it, the gluten breaks down the villi in the intestines and kills it... you can not digest gluten/wheat... also... since you now have no villi... the villi also digests or breaks down... lactose... so you now have the same problems if you have digestive problems with gluten... in order to heal... you need to remove ALL Lactose..... switch to a soy based formula... without any gluten... so if you have gluten issues... and you can not heal because you also have lactose issue... then you a malnurished... you can have low grade fevers because you are not healthy enough to fend off any infections... or you also have low IgA levels.. and because of all of this... your largest organ... YOUR SKIN ... starts to react with dry skin and rash... so switch to rice or soy milk... your son is drinking a lot and is probably hungry all of the time with a bloated belly..like he swallowed a ball, because what ever he takes in is just coming straight out... and he is malnurished... is he small for his age as well ?
Time to find another doctor... can you search on line in your area for a digestive disorder doctor..or an allergiest...
Also, once your son heals from the inside out, over time, he maybe able to eat dairy products again, because his villi has grown back... he will never be able to have gluten... but yes to dairy...

Re: Hayfever or other allergy?

Postby Ianica » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:48 am

If you omit all wheat from your diet, but substitute other foods of siailmr or higher caloric content, then you will not lose weight. In other words, if you stop eating wheat but start eating lots of, say, ice cream, you would not lose weight and could potentially put on some!However, if you omit wheat but otherwise eat the same types and quantities of foods you do now, then you will probably lose weight for two reasons. The first is that wheat is typically presented in a form that is highly refined : flour. This type of wheat is extremely easy to digest, so much so that it has been linked to metabolic syndrome insulin resistance. Omitting empty carbohydrates in the form of refined flours, sugars, and starchy vegetables like potatoes often results in weight loss.But there is absolutely no way to tell exactly how much weight you would lose. This would depend on your age, height, gender, current weight, physical activity level, and overall diet.

Re: Hayfever or other allergy?

Postby Evolet » Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:58 am

Hi Lauren,Here's my warning: I'm not a dotocr of any kind everything I say is my personal opinion based on things I've read and my own personal dotocr visits, and definitely not medical advice!My understanding is that you can get total IgA tested at any time, and that people who are IgA deficient stay that way over time. The lab that runs the test will have a reference range that tells what a normal range is. Below that, and you can assume that you are IgA deficient and tests that focus on an IgA reactions are invalidated.If I were you, I would give my dotocr a call and ask about whether you have a total IgA result on file and whether it makes sense to have it screened for now.-Joy

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