Please Don't Stare At Us - New Eczema Badges

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Hello! Just wondered if anyone knows of any badges or stickers around that 'explains' that my son only has eczema and not a disease??? At my daughters new school, I'm fed up at the other mothers looking at my son in his wetwraps and I'm sure that they think he's been burnt, scalded in a hot bath (he's very red) etc. I wish people would ask instead of assuming the worse and I really wouldn't mind if people asked!!!!. Thanks all!

We produced this for you all...suitable for children, adults and health professionals..........

Actual Size is 38mm. Round Button Badges
Minimum order 2.50 for 10 badges, includes postage.
Please email us at Eczema Voice with your name, address and quantity required.
US and Canada e-mail Tamara Markwick or telephone her on (415) 785-3879

Received the EczemaVoice Badges, they are great!!! Son wearing one already and a couple of people in the local supermarket actually DID smile!!- its certainly helps get across that E. is not Catching and I'm not a cruel mother!!! Well done! These will prove to be very popular with Children and adults alike, just you wait and see!!

Thank you for the badges. Tom thinks they are brilliant and is going around showing everyone! Thanks

Thank you.

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