This is our story & why we set up ECZEMA VOICE.COM .....

Its the year 2000. I am Davinder and my wife's name is Naminder and we are Arun's parents. We first really met eczema when Arun was four months old. The eczema appeared over his whole face. We had no idea what it was - our GP was already adamant that it was not eczema. Even after the skin broke and became infected the GP advised that it was NOT eczema. However a second opinion from the same surgery confirmed our worst fears... That it was eczema. We knew that this would be tough, as our nephew, who is 12, still has the condition. We were given steroids and creams but had little idea of how to apply them. We began a process of trial and error. Along came the sleepless nights, worry and total frustration of seeing our baby (and each other) in pain. Sound familiar ?

We put socks over his hands. Creams and oils came and went. What were we doing wrong? Our first big breakthrough came when we contacted the National Eczema Society (NES). I attended a local area meeting and realised that we were not alone. Attending the meeting gave us some ideas and hope going forward. It was no longer the end of the world, but time to fight back. Arun's eczema has not disappeared but we feel it is under control. Unfortunately he now has vitiligo where he used to have eczema.

We wouldn't trade him for anyone else. He is a happy, healthy boy who currently loves Thomas the Tank Engine and cats (He has not displayed any adverse reaction to his feline friends!). In the early months when tears flowed freely and we were pulling our hair out it would have helped if we had known that we were not on our own. Our child wasn't abnormal, he is a normal child who has eczema.

So that's why we bring you ECZEMA VOICE - please let's help each other.

These pages can be used by people like us. It is more about you and less about us which is why we have kept our stories brief. We cannot promise all of the answers but we can promise all the support you need. Ask others for advice on sleeping, washing, eating, sunbathing, and , in our case, baldness! Use this as a way of exchanging experiences and as a way to set up penpals.

We are using creams introduced years ago. This is not good enough. We are determined to raise the profile of eczema so that Arun will NOT have to tell his story as a parent of an eczema baby.

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