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We have tried to save some of your time by providing the following list of useful eczema related books. However titles which did not contain a review have not been included. Consequently the list below is not exhaustive. Click on the appropriate link to purchase the book or to find out more details.


**I have read the following book and can recommend it. On the whole it is very thorough and would be a valuable guide for parents who are new to eczema. We hope to be reproducing some extracts from this book on the main part of the site. As stated above Eczemavoice will not profit from book sales.

**Eczema and Your Child Tim Mitchell, David Paige, K. Spowart, Martin M. Black, Peter Lapsley
Using straightforward language, it explains how to ensure that a child with eczema leads a happy, healthy and normal life. The book answers 174 real questions asked by the families of young children with eczema. It gives you positive, medically accurate information you can rely on, including hints and tips from the expert authors on practical ways you can help you child -- and how your child can help too. It tells you about complementary therapies, their benefits and limitations, and the role they can play in treating eczema. It also gives practical guidance on bringing up a child with eczema,covering areas such as school, leisure activities, relationships, and how to handle other people's negative attitudes

Eczema in Childhood : The Facts (Oxford Medical Publications) -- David J. Atherton; Paperback
The lives of thousands of children and their families are affected by eczema, a skin disorder which can vary from from a small, mildly irritating patch of skin to a much more widespread, painful, and unsightly rash. While conventional treatments have given relief to many children, others continue to suffer the physical and emotional pain associated with severe eczema. In this well-illustrated book aimed at both parents and affected children, Dr Atherton explains the latest in what is known about the causes, the treatments available, and the effects on the child and family's life. He also gives practical advice on where to go for help and support.

Eczema in Children : A Guide for Parents by David, Bernard A. Cohen (Paperback)
This booklet explains what eczema is and how it starts. It explains what it looks like, how it feels, what to do to stop the skin from drying out, to help reduce scratching, what medications are available, and what triggers an allergic flareup.

Eczema : Practical and Easy-To-Follow Advice (Your Child) by Maggie Jones (Paperback - June 1998)
Practical and easy to follow advice.


The Natural Way With Eczema/a Comprehensive Guide to Gentle, Safe and Effective Treatment (The Natural Way) -- Sheena Meredith, Richard Thomas (Editor); Paperback
Complementary Therapies, Alternative Techniques, Conventional Treatments

Herbs for Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails : Banish Eczema, Acne and Psoriasis With Healing Herbs That Cleanse and Tone the Body Inside and Out (Keats Good Health Guide) by Brigitte Mars (Paperback - September 1998)
Banish eczema, acne and psoriasis with healing herbs that cleanse and tone the body inside and out (Keats Good Health Guide)

The Homoeopathic Treatment of Eczema ~Robin Logan FFHom
Eczema is one of the most commonly encountered conditions in everyday practice and can pose difficult and perplexing problems for the homoeopath. This text sets out a practical basis for its treatment within the context of classical homoeopathy. The author begins by defining the condition by reference to its conventional treatment, since most patients will have taken this route and are likely to be familiar with the terminology of their diagnosis and the pharmaceutical preparations they have received. The text then describes techniques of case-taking that are particularly appropriate to eczema. This is followed by a full discussion of case analysis, including the relevance of particulars in the hierarchy of symptoms and the subject of one-sided cases, or cases with few other symptoms, with a view to helping the reader to increase his or her own understanding of the issues involved. Further chapters cover all aspects of case management, among them supression, aggravation, potency, repatition of the dose, adjunctive measures and commonsense advice.


Food Allergies -- Tanya Wright; Paperback
With a number of well-publicised deaths caused by food-induced anaphylaxis in recent years, there is widespread recognition that preventative measures and prompt action are essential to living with this condition. This practical guide enables sufferers to take a more pro-active role in its prevention. Information on special diets, restrictive diets and eating away from home, medical terms explained in layman's language and a comprehensive list of organisations to contact for further help and support are also included.

Eczema and Psoriasis : How Your Diet Can Help (Nutritional Health Guide) -- Stephen Terrass; Paperback
Explains the facts about eczema and psoriasis, which foods to eat, which foods to avoid, and the benefits of vitamins, minerals, herbal, and other nutritional supplements.

Eczema : Recipes and Advice to Provide Relief by Patsy Westcott (Paperback)
The book provides a clear understanding of the condition and its various forms; the symptoms and how to contain them; the orthodox and the alternative methods of treatment in use today; and the relationship between food and eczema. Next, the book shares 80 recipes for delicious, easy-to-prepare dishes, including special exclusion recipes for people with food allergies, and recipes suitable for children and breastfeeding ! mothers, that make it easy to follow the dietary advice and still enjoy exciting food.

Recipes for Health Asthma & Eczema : Over 150 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Those Allergic to Cow's Milk by Carol Bennett, Carolyn Bennett (Paperback - June 1998)
Many health problems can be associated with an allergy to cow's milk such as asthma, eczema, catarrh and irritable bowel syndrome. Avoiding dairy products can bring about a remarkable improvement in health. Mindful that cow's milk products provide over half the calcium in the diet, this practical and inspiring cookbook includes over 150 mouth-watering and nutritious recipes made from high-calcium alternatives.

Eczema and Food Allergy ~ Jennifer Worth (Paperback - June 1997)
Jennifer Worth's achievement in treating the debilitating eczema that ravaged her body is something that should be shared. She rejected toxic drugs with serious side effects and instead embarked on a journey of discovery into allergic diseases - diseases which are rising rapidly in all developed countries. In "Eczema and Food Allergy" the former nursing sister describes in detail how she identified the cause of her own illness - food - and how drastically her life and diet changed because of it. Despite numerous setbacks, Jennifer Worth persevered and now wants others to benefit from her experiences with eczema, a disease that all too often can drive sufferers to despair and leaves doctors powerless to help.

Hand Eczema

Hand Eczema, Second edition by Torkil Menne, Howard I. Maibach (Hardcover)
Menne (dermatolgy, Gentofte Hospital, U. of Copenhagen, Denmark) and Maibach (dermatology, U. of California) present 35 contributions which review a range of aspects of hand eczema. The volume covers the classification, immunology, epidemiology, and occupational aspects of the condition. In addition, the mechanics and treatment for irritant, allergic, atopic, and hyperkeratotic eczema are outlined. Also included is a full color photo atlas depicting various types of hand eczema.

Other Useful Books

Allergies at Your Fingertips Joanne Clough, Stephen T. Holgate
Gives sensible, practical advice on all the questions you might have about allergies - what they are, how they develop, and, most importantly, how to deal with them.

Psoriasis at Your Fingertips Tim Mitchell, Rebecca Penzer (Paperback)
This medically accurate handbook gives people with psoriasis sensible, practical information on the day-to-day management of the condition. Psoriasis at your fingertips answers over 200 real questions from people with psoriasis and their families. The expert authors dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding psoriasis and give people effective self-help routines. They cover a wide range of topics including different types of psoriasis, treatments, work, holidays, relationships and other people's attitudes.

Skin Care for Psoriasis Dr V.K. Dave
Self-help measures play an important role in controlling psoriasis. Skin Care for Psoriasis provides simple guidelines for looking after all the areas of your skin - from scalp to feet - that may be affected by this troublesome condition. Dr Dave's book also emphasises the influence of lifestyle on psoriasis. The self care routines described are intended to be followed at the same time as the treatments prescribed by your doctor

Asthma at Your Fingertips Dr Mark Levy, Professor Sean Hilton & Greta Barnes
This new edition is packed full of information about the practical management of asthma. The authors give sensible, straight forward advice on every aspect of living with asthma. Includes information on symptoms, treatment, control, emergencies, asthma in children, complementary therapies and addresses for further support and information. PLUS! A 20 colour page section detailing the latest devices and how to use them.



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