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Allergy Testing

Allergy UK


Eczemaclothing.com the web home of Pure Cotton Comfort

Cotton Comfort has many years experience designing clothing specially for people of all ages who have eczema, allergies and sensitive skin.



Gentlebodycare Co

Skin Salveation


What is Homeopathy ?

British Homeopathic Association 020-7566-7800

The Society of Homeopaths 01604-621400


Green People

Organisations/Charity/Personal Eczema Sites

National Eczema Society

British Allergy Foundation

NHS Direct - Eczema

Skin Help - Eczema Information

The Acne Resource Center

Acne can cause stress, depression, and anxiety. It can cause a greatly lowered sense of self esteem and feelings of self doubt. Fortunately, there is help available. It's called knowledge. Visit the Acne Resource Center for easy to browse information on acne, tips to keep acne under control and explanations of just how acne develops.

Channel 4 - Embarrassing Bodies: Kids Health Advice.

Includes pages dedicated to many specific conditions, such as eczema , and some fun and informative applications such as the kids health checker and the development milestones application. They also have a number of video guides that have been specially created with the Embarrassing Bodies doctors that look at common childhood illnesses and their causes.

Allergic Diseases

British Association of Dermatologists

Christmas cards from the National Eczema Society

Changing Faces

Department of Health


Dermnet (New Zealand Dermatological Society)

Eczema Association of Australasia Inc

Eczema Doctors Australia - educational website

Eczema specialist referral protocols from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)

EFANET (European Federation of Asthma & Allergy Associations)

Eczema Management Guidebook and Chat Room

Eczema Zones has been developed to support people living with eczema - different zones for different ages, under 5s to adults

Everywoman.co.uk - An easy to use community site offering women access to advice from experts and other members to help with their business and home life

Food Can Make You Ill

Health Expert Advice - Medical information and health website

Health in Focus

Health and Happiness for You

Haywards Heath and District Support Group

Free, confidential support network of UK hypnotherapists with information on their training and experience.

The House Of Lords Full Report on Complementary and Alternative Medicine - have your cup of tea to hand!

Keep Kids Healthy

Lactose Intolerance

National Asthma Campaign

National Council for Voluntary Organisations

Private Family Doctor

SkinCell International Forum for Skin Disorders

Surrey and N.E. Hants Regional NES Website

World of Health, Health Directory, Clinics and Charities in Scotland and Information on Aromatherapy as well as products.

University of Iowa

Personal Websites - created by individuals.

A personal blog on eczema

Baby Eczema - A personal account of dealing with my baby's severe eczema from using creams, alternative medicine to allergy testing and specialist clothing.

Jacob's website created by his dad, Mark. Also looks at the beneficial effects of Avene

Nathan Ezelle website

Akriga Creators of Eczema Voice, National Eczema Society and Skin Care Campaign websites


Nutritionist Resource
Allows individuals to search for a professional nutritionist, find information about how a nutritionist could help and review the answers to the most frequently asked nutrition questions.

A fresh approach to family eating. We offer weekly menus, shopping lists and recipes for different tastes and special diets, for example eczema and gluten free diets.

The Tailor Made Diet Company
To ensure that all people with special dietary needs have nutritional, appetising recipes available to them.
Provide guidance and advice for people on special diets (including weight loss).
Provide recipes suitable for those on special diets.
Show people how to make recipes suitable for their diet.
Make people aware of the alternative foods available on the market.
Train people for the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.

Baths/Bath Salts

Malki Dead Sea Products (no website at present)
Malki products come only from the unpolluted Dead Sea, renowned for its healing properties. Bath salts, shampoo, shower cream and soaps are now available at major branches of Boots throughout the UK. For more information contact Dafna on tel - 020-8203-6643. The best feedback from eczema sufferers are from the following 3 products - Dead Sea bath salts, Dead Sea natural mineral shampoo, Dead Sea natural mineral soap.

Avene Dermatological Hydrotherapy Center
(Testomonial) Patients from the UK who go there like it and benefit from it.



New educational activity sports toy for boys and girls age 3 years to teens. "Brilliant in its simplicity" teaching hours of co-ordination, timing and balance skills in a fun way. Excellent for those with special needs. View awards, reports and pictures.


What is Urea ?

Wet Wraps

Wet Wraps

Wet Wrapping is a technique used to help control the itch of eczema, involving the application of tubular bandages onto the affected area. These bandages are applied in a double layer, whereby the first layer is wet, thus minimising the itch and the top layer is dry. To use this technique the advice of a Healthcare Professional is recommended. For further information visit the web site, which offers full information for adults and a kids zone.

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- special clothing
- special bedding
- moisturisers / creams / sun creams / oils
- swimming wear
- water filtration systems / water softeners
- alternative medicines / acupuncture / homeopathy - vacuum cleaners
- special flooring
- wooden toys
- allergy testing
- stress management

Please help us in putting together this valuable service to cater for the needs of people with eczema and their carers.


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