34 Past Polls
This is an archive of all the polls we've run on Eczema Voice. Simply click on the link alongside each question to see the voting from that poll. We hope you find this a valuable resource
1. I use emollient: View result
2. Are you a member of the National Eczema Society? View result
3. Do you, or the person with eczema, also have asthma? View result
4. What was your first prescription? View result
5. What happens to your/your child's eczema in winter? View result
6. At what age did the eczema first appear? View result
7. Have you tried alternative medicine for your eczema? View result
8. How would you describe your eczema? View result
9. Was the person with eczema breast fed? View result
10. How many people have eczema within your immediate family? View result
11. How is your eczema over Xmas and the New Year? View result
12. Have you used wet wraps? View result
13. Is the eczema on the face? View result
14. Have you faced the following due to your eczema? View result
15. How many days in the average week does eczema affect sleep? View result
16. How many different creams and emollients have you used? View result
17. Does the person with eczema also have a nut allergy? View result
18. How painful would you rate your eczema? View result
19. Does eczema affect your social life? View result
20. Has the eczema resulted in pigment changes? View result
21.Is the eczema affected by your diet? View result
22. How is your eczema over Christmas and the New Year? View result
23. Have you had the following allergy test? View result
24. Have you changed washing powders because of the eczema? View result
25. Have you tried water softeners? View result
26. Does dust aggravate the eczema? View result
27. Have you been bullied or discriminated against because of the eczema? View result
28. Does smoke/smoking make the eczema worse? View result
29. Does the person with eczema have a household pet? View result
30. How understanding is the school or workplace about your eczema? View result
31. Do you have eczema on your face? View result
32. Does alcohol aggravate your eczema? View result
33. If antihistamines came in sachets would you buy them? View result
34. Have you been bullied because of your eczema? View result
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