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Welcome to the National Eczema Society's Email Help Line. The National Eczema Society's helpline provides practical , high quality information and support about the management and treatment of eczema. We are not medically qualified and do not diagnose , prescribe , give specific medical advice or opinions on treatments prescribed by your health care professional. Our Helpline is open to all UK residents who are personally affected by eczema. ( We are not able to answer queries from non UK residents as terminology, health care systems and treatments differ, so it could be confusing). Please allow 5 working days for us to reply to you. To help us help you it would be useful if you could give us a few simple details: Do you have eczema or are you looking after someone with eczema? How old is the person with eczema? What type of eczema do you have? How did you hear about this service? Are you a member of the National Eczema Society? Depending on your enquiry we may want to send you one of our fact sheets or booklets relevant to the response. Some of these are a bit long to attach to emails - we don't want to delay you receiving other incoming mail. So it would also be helpful if you gave us your postal address to send booklets to.

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Confidentiality and Privacy This helpline is run by the National Eczema Society with support from another charity, bss. We will not pass your contact details to any other organisations outside the National Eczema Society and its subsidiary companies. We understand that it is important that your questions and our answers are kept confidential. You will understand that email is not a secure means of communication and we can not control that. Neither the National Eczema Society group nor bss, however, will knowingly share or disclose the contents of any emails to or from the Eczema Helpline to other parties. We will not keep copies of any emails to or from the helpline longer than 6 months. If you prefer to ask your questions by phone, contact us on 0870 241 3604, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.


The National Eczema Society is expanding its services, starting by extending its helpline hours. The helpline is now open 9am to 5pm Mon to Fri and can be contacted on 0800 089 1122. The NES have a wealth of information and experience about living with eczema.

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They provide support and information to people with eczema and those who care for people with eczema. This will also help raise funds for the charity.

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